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Art summary of 2016! by Nefeloma21 Art summary of 2016! by Nefeloma21
Yugioh created by Kazuki Takahashi
MLP belongs to Lauren Faust (I think you write it like this XD)
This is my art summay of the year 2016! I did a pole and many people said me to make this art summary so I did!^^ Ah... There is almost  a whole year that I'm here on DA! I still can't believe it!^^ And I have to say I have really improved since I started here!^^ I was looking through my gallery to find drawing and oh my gosh! Some things were so bad XD And also I can't believe that when I started I was uploading like 5 drawing a day! O my! Now I upload a drawing a week! And that sometimes! XD (i'm sorry about that by the way XD) But I feel really proud for myself because I saw my gallery and I saw that I have really improved!^^ I remember that last year I wanted to be able to draw without bases! And I did it! I was able to draw in paper without bases! Not ponies like I was thinking back then but I did it! Maybe there aren't the best but I can draw something in paper and be proud of it even if it isn't perfect! And I feel really proud that I accomplished my goal from last year! And I remember last year the way I was thinking... and I saw my gallery and I was so childish! Also my English were so bad! XD I feel really satisfied with myself now!^^ My goal for next year s to learn how to draw in paper something good without looking at an image and learn how to shade! XD I hope I make it!^^ hehe^^ I chose these drawing to put because they were saying something about me and how I was thinking each month of the year or a drawing I did for a holiday or something important for me!^^ For example on October I put a drawing I did for Halloween in July I put a Yugioh pictures because in summer my Yugioh DM addiction started and also July was Mokuba's birthday according to the wikia so I thought why not to put a drawing with Mokuba? Hehe^^ I still love MLP but I don't know... Yugioh really got me this summer! XD I also put traditional and digital art to this because I wanted to represent my art as a whole^^ That is why I also have ponies and anime in this art summary XD At the start of 2016 I never expected that I would end up drawing humans in paper XD I was thinking that I would be drawing ponies on my PC XD I guess I was wrong XD I'm really curious of what I'm going to be drawing at 2017 XD We will see!^^ I made this with photoshop... the drawing were made either on MS paint or MS paint and photoshop or with pencils and color pencils XD I really like how this came out and 2016 was my first full year on DA and I think also my first full year drawing XD I hope I continue like this in 2017 and be proud for my drawings at the end of 2017 as well!^^
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